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Երկրորդ Կիսամյակային Հաշվետվություն Անգլերենից

1․ Shopping /Dialogue/

2. Simple Present vs Present Continuous Ex. 4, 5, 6 page 139

3. Ex 13 page 50 Present simple or Present Continuous

4. Ex. 2, Ex. 3 Present Simple & Continuous

5. Seasons /Dialogue/

6. The degrees of Adjectives

7. Seasons /Text/

8. Interview with a Singer /Audio/

9. Interview with a swimmer /audio/

10. Ask and Answer Questions

11. Describing My Friend /audio/

12. Թարգմանել նախադասությունները

13. Exercise 181 Present Indefinite or Present Continuous

14. The Children in the Forest /video/

15. 2021-ի անգլերենի փետրվարյան ֆլեշմոբ

16. The Children In The Forest /text/

17. Թարգմանել անգլերեն

18. Dialogue

19. Անգլերենի 2021-ի հունվարյան ֆլեշմոբ

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Shop assistant: Hi. What would you like to eat?.

Peter: I like to have that pepper pizza please.

Shop assistant: Ok Here you go sir.

Peter: I don’t like the taste. Can I have that burger?

Shop assistant: Yes, of course. Here you are.

Peter: Thank you. It tastes really delicious. How much is it?

Shop assistant : 36 pounds.

Peter: Oh, that’s cheap. Here you are.

Shop assistant: Thank you, goodbye!

Peter: Bye!

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Ex 4, 5, 6 page 139

  1. Do you want some juice? -Yes, I do.

2. Is Fatimah sleeping? -No, she is not.

3. Are they doing their homework? -Yes, they do.

4. Do Pete and Sue like pizza? No, they don’t.

5. Does Carmen help her mother? -No, she doesn’t.

Ex. 5

  1. We usually stay at home in the evening.

2. She is cooking lunch at the moment.

3. Why are you always late.

4. They often go to Spain in holiday.

5. Listen! The birds are singing!

Ex. 6

  1. He meets his friends and they usually play football. Today John isn’t at the park. He is at home. He helps his father. They cook dinner for all the family. It’s John’s mother’s birthday and they have a surprise birthday party.
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Ex 13 page 50 Present simple or Present Continuous

  1. I often buy fruit from the greengrocer’s.
  2. My mother is drinking tea now.
  3. Look at Tom and Jim! They are walking up the hill.
  4. That man is laughing at the moment.
  5. The cat is playing with a ball now.
  6. We always wear warm clothes in winter.
  7. He often eats a sandwich at lunchtime.
  8. Be quiet! The girls are sleeping.
  9. How often do you go to the cinema?
  10. They never eat carrots.
  11. They don’t like potatoes.
  12. What are you doing now?
  13. Can you see him? He is walking down the street.
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This is me and my family. We are at the park. My sister is painting. Can you see my two brothers? They are riding their bikes. My mum is sitting on a bench. She is reading a book. Look at my dad. He is writing an email. Can you see me? I,m under the tree. I am playing my guitar.


This is Anna. She lives in a big house. Anna gets up early every morning. She brushes her teeth, has a shower and catches the bus to school. After school, Anna and her brother Sean go swimming. They love swimming.

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Ann: Which is your favorite season, Kate?

Kate: I like all seasons, but most of all I like winter.

Ann: Why? It is so cold in winter, and there are no flowers.

Kate: Yes, but we celebrate Christmas and New Year in winter. This is the happiest time in the year. I also like to play snowballs, to make a snowman.

Ann: And my favorite season is spring because I like when it is warm and there are flowers, green grass and trees everywhere.

Kate: Yes, spring is beautiful too. And we celebrate Mother’s Day in spring.

Ann: Oh, don’t forget about Easter! This is the funniest holiday when we color eggs.

Kate: Right, really nice holiday. And what about summer and autumn?

Ann: Oh, in summer it’s really hot but I like to go for swimming.

Kate: Me too, I like summer holidays. but i don’t like autumn. It’s very rainy.

Ann: Why? There are so many tasty fruits in autumn. And leaves are red, yellow, orange and brown.

Kate: Sure, all seasons are beautiful.

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Winter is the beginning of a year. It is the coldest season of the year. Days are
short and nights are long in winter. It often snows in winter.
Nature wakes up in spring. It’s warmer in spring than in winter. Snow melts
and birds begin to sing. You can see small green leaves in trees and the first
flower of spring, the snowdrop.
Summer is the hottest season of the year. In summer days are longer and
nights are shorter than in spring.
Autumn has got a lot of colours. Leaves are yellow, brown and red in autumn. It’s
colder in autumn than in summer. It isn’t sunny in autumn. It often rains in autumn.
Nature is beautiful in winter and spring, summer and autumn.

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Interview with a swimmer

Interviewer: Hello, Dan.

Dan: Hi.

Interviewer: Can you tell me about a typical day in your life for the school magazine?

Dan: Yeah, sure.

Interviewer: So, what time do you get up?

Dan: Oh, I get up very early. I get up every day at 5 o’clock and go to the pool. Then I swim from 6 o’clock to 8 o’clock.

Interviewer: You get up at 5 o’clock? Wow, that’s early!

Dan: Yeah. Then at 8 o’clock I have a shower, I get dressed and I have breakfast. I have a big breakfast: cereals, toast, bacon and eggs and orange juice.

Interviewer: What do you do after breakfast?

Dan: At 11 o’clock I go to university. I’m studying sports science and I have classes from 11 o’clock to 4 o’clock.

Interviewer: When do you have lunch?

Dan: I have lunch at about 2 o’clock at the university.

Interviewer: What do you do after classes?

Dan: Sometimes I go to the gym and sometimes I meet my friends at a café.

Interviewer: What time do you have dinner?

Dan: I have dinner at 7 o’clock, then I watch TV or go online and I usually go to bed at 10 o’clock.

Interviewer: Thanks, Dan. That’s a busy day!